Weight Loss

Did you know - a healthy weight and healthy life style can:

  • Help prevent diabetes
  • Improve blood sugars and fats
  • Reduce blood pressure, risk of heart disease, and stroke
  • Improve general well-being and energy levels
  • Keep you looking younger

Sensible Portions! The Plate Method:

Divide your plate in half - that half is for vegetables; divide the other half of the plate into quarters –one quarter for grains/starches and one quarter for meats and alternatives!

Get Real: The key to reaching and staying a healthy weight is to make lifestyle changes that you can live with. Set realistic goals; only make one or two small changes at a time; and take into consideration your lifestyle, preferences, and body type. Steady faithfulness--not perfection--wins the battle!

Excuses… Get busted!

  • I don’t know how to start……Check out the great internet resources below for ideas
  • I don’t feel ready to change……Find a good friend for accountability and have a chat
  • I get discouraged and give up……Set realistic goals even 1 lb/week loss is 52 lb/year!
  • I lose weight – but it finds me again……Avoid fad diets, make small life-style choices life-long
  • I eat when stressed, bored or for emotional reasons……Plan ahead, don’t keep bad choices in the house, and keep track of events that affect your food choices
  • I don’t know how much or what to eat……Learn what is a sensible portion* and a balanced meal
  • I feel deprived when I follow a diet……Eat your favorites but watch the amount, the salt and the sugar
  • I don’t have time……Make a weekly menu and only shop for those things on your list